Can Do Courage

When I was just 18, I joined the US Navy. The motto for my unit was “CAN DO”. I learned at a very young age that Courage is not the absence of fear. It is in fact being in the presence of fear yet having the will to move forward.

It is never too late to start a new career, to fall in love, to get in shape, to say yes, to say no more. If you’re thinking about making a change in your life but feel afraid, ask yourself this: What is more freighting, taking a chance on the uncertain or staying who I am today, never knowing who I could have been?

We are all faced at some time in our lives with the fear of uncertainty. We can allow that fear to paralyze us, our actions, our thoughts, our ambitions and ultimately our results. Or we can face fear like a courageous warrior of determination and not allow it to defeat us.
I personally on several occasions have found myself needing to make significant changes in my life. Changes that were perceived by others to be “risky”, “foolish” and “not worth the gamble”. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t. That you should play it safe. Most people who do, simply want you to be in their company. They are the ones truly afraid. You CAN DO it!

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