I am often asked if I believe in "Natural Born Leaders" and my answer is always no. I do however believe that some people are born with the characteristics to become leaders...great leaders.

No other characteristic comes to mind more than Empathy. Empathy is commonly confused with Sympathy. Sympathy is knowing exactly why a person is suffering and letting them know you are there for them. Empathy is the absence of detail. It is also the absence of judging. It is giving someone the benefit of the doubt and demonstrating unconditional concern for their well-being. I practice Empathy almost every-day. I drive...a lot! and I see a lot of reckless drivers. I used to get angry at the boob who just zoomed by me and cut me off. Not anymore. I simply assume that the driver just received a call that their child was injured, and they are rushing to their aid. I move to the side and let them pass. When leaders exercise Empathy, they are truly leading!
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