Is Your Culture Low On Oil?

I have worked with hundreds of companies and leaders to improve their work cultures. My first step is to perform a Culture Assessment. It is not uncommon for me to make the comment, “Well, you seem to be running a little low on oil.”

This of course draws an immediate demand for explanation. We have all heard the adage “running like a well-oiled machine” Machinery needs oil, or some form of lubrication to prevent friction. Friction causes heat which leads to ultimate failure. When a company runs like a well-oiled machine, friction and failure are minimal and success and happiness thrive. So, what’s the preferred oil that companies should choose? 10W-Trust! Leaders must empower, encourage, develop, protect and trust those they intend to lead. This in return results in trust being extended to the leader. Employees must look out for the wellbeing of each other. Empathy must be embraced and egos and drama must be checked at the door. When a culture is operating with relationships built on trust, they operate as a “Well Oiled Machine!
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