No Such Thing as a Bad Leader

Now, on the surface this statement will draw controversy. But in my opinion, you are either a leader or you're not. I will (loosely) quote John C. Maxwell: "If you think you're leading, look behind you. If no-one is following, then you're just out for a walk."

A key role of being an effective leader is to positively influence behaviors. And the number one reason many leaders fail is due to the absence of quality and consistent feedback. Be it a form of praise to encourage desirable behaviors or a re-direction to discourage unwanted behaviors, feedback is essential to influencing behaviors. The annual employee review certainly is NOT the time to provide long over-due feedback to an employee. However, annual reviews or employee bashing after months of ignoring opportunities to coach have all too often become the norm. Tomorrow's Challenge: Catch somebody doing something right and let them know it!
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