Positive Attitude

Having a bad day? Currently my family and I are dealing with my daughter’s recent serious injury. Yesterday, my over-priced car broke down and had to be towed. I waited over 2 hours for a tow truck when it suddenly started to rain on me.
bad day
I was beginning to feel like I was having a “Bad Day” when I realized that this is nothing more than opportunity. An opportunity to somehow adjust my attitude and find the positive. My daughter is alive and improving. My car broke down while parked safely in a parking lot as opposed to the questionable areas I often drive through. And the rain, well I suppose God felt I needed to cool off a bit! Our attitudes are one of the very few things we can control. Having a great attitude requires daily adjustment, practice, accountability and discipline. When I feel my attitude gravitating in a less than desirable direction, I use an old trick that has served me well: I think of someone I have come to admire. Someone who’s daily attitude is the kind I wish to mirror. I then ask myself, “how would my friend act right now?” This simple exercise allows me a moment to re-group, put things into perspective, adjust my attitude and find the positive. You might consider giving it a try next time you find yourself needing a little attitude boost.
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